The professionals we collaborate with (surveyors, architects and engineers), analyze the properties through DUE DILIGENCE.

The practice of real estate due diligence, during the purchase negotiations for a property, is used to verify before proceeding with the offers, that the purchase does not hide any unwanted surprises. To be sure of making a good deal it is always good not to buy "closed boxes" but to rely on professionals.

Real Estate Due Diligence is the complete investigation of a property or real estate assets. It groups together all the news that the buyer should know before proceeding with the purchase.
It also contributes to speeding up the buying and selling times, collecting in advance all the information useful for the transaction.
The real estate due diligence gives the right value to the property / real estate, makes it a complete analysis from the construction, urban and environmental point of view, highlights its urban and cadastral compliance, removes any doubt on the existence or not of constraints, of mortgages or easements and clarifies who the property should be attributed to.

The real estate due diligence activity takes place by collecting all the possible data relating to the property and cross-referencing them.
It starts from the study of the documentation, proceeding by requesting the missing additions, if necessary, and making technical inspections to verify the correspondence between written material and objective reality of the facts. Also in this case, if inconsistencies or shortcomings should be ascertained on the spot, it will be necessary to proceed by integrating or correcting what is wrong.

In addition, professionals offer the following services:
- new pilings, cadastral changes, voltages, mergers and splits
- drafting of building practices for maintenance and renovation works
- analysis study on residential building land
- Preparation of APE energy performance certificate for properties for sale and for rent

The APE energy certification is a document that, through a classification scale that goes from class A4 to class G, identifies the energy performance and annual energy consumption of a building or home, providing the citizen with the energy framework of the property that is about to buy or rent.

The energy certification, according to the provisions of law 90/2013, must be attached to any rental or sale contract. The APE energy certification was introduced with the entry into force of Legislative Decree 90 of 2013.
The maximum validity of 10 years of the energy certification is linked to the presence of the boiler / central heating system booklet and the annual fume report control, provided that a copy of it is attached to the energy certification to be delivered to the owner / buyer. /lessee.

According to the provisions of art. 15 of Legislative Decree 192/05, modified with the entry into force of Law 90/2013, all those who do not comply with the legislation on energy performance and do not attach the energy certification to their sales or lease contracts will face penalties .